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Dividends and Payments

The 1H24 interim dividend is 6.75 cents per share, has an ex-dividend date of 4 March 2024, a record date of 5 March 2024, a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) record date of 6 March 2024 and a payment date of 28 March 2024.

Payments History

Payment Date Title Cents per share
28-Mar-24 Interim dividend payment 6.75
21-Sep-23 Final dividend payment 9.0
22-Mar-23 Interim dividend payment 6.0
9-Sep-22 Final dividend payment 7.8
23-Mar-22 Interim dividend payment 5.2
10-Sep-21 Final dividend payment 7.0
25-Mar-21 Interim dividend payment 4.4
25-Sep-20 Final dividend payment 6.0
26-Mar-20 Interim dividend payment 3.6
20-Sep-19 Final dividend payment 5.3
21-Mar-19 Interim dividend payment 3.2
20-Sep-18 Final dividend payment 4.7
22-Mar-18 Interim dividend payment 2.8
13-Oct-17 Final dividend payment 4.4
13-Apr-17 Interim dividend payment 2.6
14-Oct-16 Final dividend payment 3.6
14-Apr-16 Interim dividend payment 2.4
14-Oct-15 Final dividend payment 3.0
14-Apr-15 Interim dividend payment 2.0
08-Oct-14 Final dividend payment 2.7
14-Apr-14 Interim dividend payment 1.8

Dividend Policy

The Steadfast Board targets a dividend payout ratio in the range of 65% to 85% of net profit after tax attributable to Steadfast shareholders, with a minimum dividend payout ratio of 50% of net profit after tax and before amortisation expense.

The Steadfast Board expects that dividends will be fully franked and paid in March and September each year.

The Steadfast Board does not provide any assurance of the future level of dividends or to the extent to which they are fully franked, and there may be periods in respect of which dividends are not paid. However, as a majority of Steadfast’s profits are derived in Australia, significant franking credits are expected to be generated.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

The Directors have established a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) which is applicable for the current dividend. For a copy of the DRP please click hereOpens in new window.

You can register for the DRP online (if the market value of your shares is less than $50,000) or fill out the DRP formOpens in new window and mail it to our Share Registrar, Link Market Services.

To register online, click hereOpens in new window and type in your holder number and postcode.

Once logged in, select Payments & Tax from the headings.

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