Welcome to the Steadfast Investor Centre

Steadfast is the largest general insurance broker network and the biggest underwriting agency group in Australasia and New Zealand. Its network of 361 brokers and 24 underwriting agencies generated billings of over $6.5 billion for the year ended 30 June 2017. Steadfast also operates as a co-owner and consolidator through its equity interests in a number of insurance broker businesses, underwriting agencies, a joint venture in Macquarie Pacific Funding and other complementary businesses.

The Company listed on the ASX in August 2013 to take advantage of significant growth opportunities given the potential for consolidation in the industry, back office cost synergies and cross-selling through the Steadfast Network. Key management personnel and employees of the businesses within the Steadfast Network hold a significant stake in Steadfast, reaffirming their commitment to the business and its future success.

Steadfast’s business strategy is to grow shareholder value through maintaining and growing its market position in the provision of insurance and related services, with a core focus on general insurance broking. This strategy encompasses:

  • Continuing to enhance the services we provide to all network brokers;
  • Building and developing our strategic relationships with insurers and other parties;
  • Delivering synergies from the acquisitions made to date and for the Steadfast Network;
  • Generating growth from acquisitions. We are the natural acquirer of Steadfast Network Brokers, non-aligned brokers and underwriting agencies;
  • Cross-selling existing and new products within the Steadfast Network; and
  • Building on our existing underwriting agencies with particular focus on specialist products and driving down costs of servicing and administration.

We look forward to updating you on our progress towards growing shareholder value.